Commercial interior contractors nashville
Commercial interior contractors nashville

Commercial Industrial Construction, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Jon English and Tony Williams in Nashville, Tennessee, with a vision to build a construction company based on service, quality, and a team approach. We are a family that works together and stands behind one another, united by a common purpose to care for our clients and for each other.


Our senior superintendents, each with 20-30+ years' experience building in Middle Tennessee, joined CIC because our leaders emphasize every employee's contribution. These top craftsmen now teach our younger recruits, some second-generation CIC employees, a better way to do construction. We have virtually no turnover as a result of taking care of our employees, understanding the work only happens with them.


You receive consistent results and personal attention from people who take ownership in their work, in your work.

Jon English

CEO, founder

Jon shuns a behind-the-desk executive role and thus actively runs projects from the field and guides the project management team. He is renowned for his ability to budget projects accurately from his head and generate solutions when no other GC can. His comprehensive construction foundation began as a child working with his father on home framing jobs in the summers. In 1990 he began work as a superintendent on out-of-the-ground extended-stay hotel projects. He managed these and other projects for commercial contractors in Louisville, Kentucky; Cincinnati, Ohio; and in Nashville. He honed his interior finishing skills with another Nashville general contractor, then decided to launch his own company from a desire to create an environment that encourages and rewards the "all-stars." By offering equal opportunity for all to make an impact and rewarding those who do so, he ensures an environment where everyone strives for their personal best as well as the best for the company and clients. Rather than limiting people by their title or rewarding mediocrity, every member of the CIC family has the opportunity to continually grow in skills, responsibility, and rewards. From those goals he fostered what has become a tight-knit family of loyal, hard-working people. Jon is a competitive golfer and is always working on some sort of side-project: collecting and selling baseball cards, collecting interesting and unique finds for his eBay site, and cultivating an impressive collection of sports antiques and memorabilia. He turned that latter collection into an e-commerce web site,

Tony Williams

CFO, founder


Tony is a co-owner of the company, the man-behind-the-man, keeping the numbers balanced and the company strategy on point. Unlike many other "numbers guys," he branches out of the analytical and likes being involved in the creative side of the marketing. His background in construction came from serving the industry as a CPA for over 20 years with general contractors, subcontractors and suppliers as clients. During those years, he took an active interest in his firm's approach to customer service. He met Jon through his work with another Nashville general contractor and through their church, where they played softball together. His entrepreneurial spirit is based in the ideals of income & profit and being his own boss, but it runs deeper, having evolved into a desire to contribute to something greater than himself. Tony has always had a passion for building something from nothing; however, he does not describe himself as a risk taker and is calculated in his approach. He was inspired to join Jon as a business partner because he saw from the beginning that Jon had the innovative spirit, desire, and persistent faith in himself to succeed. Tony always wanted to be involved in a company that promotes talent and the best ideas as a way of fostering healthy competition from within, and he has been able to create that with Jon as a foundation of CIC. When not working late at the office, Tony likes to paint and has created several projects from old shipping pallets. He also loves the company of his his granddaughters and loves taking the whole family out on the water in the summers.

Kenny Bundy

Senior Project Manager


Kenny has been treating CIC clients to his conscientiousness since joining the company in 2012. With a degree in Biology and a background in environmental sciences, he manages each project with an eye for details. He has run some of our lengthiest jobs for some of our largest clients, and he has become our medical construction keystone. Experienced clients as well as those who have never been part of the construction process appreciate his attentiveness, patient guidance, and no-fluff approach to project management. In his free time, Kenny enjoys competitive 'coon hunting and spending time with his wife and three boys.

Denys Cochran

Project Manager


Denys spent 19 years as an Office Manager at Healthstream, where she was both in charge of their rapidly growing staff requirements and their multiple office expansions and build-outs. She met Jon as a client during one of those build-outs, where he recognized her talents for juggling demands from several different directions with authority, class, acumen, and good humor. She joined our team in January 2016 and had already earned her first client before her first day. Her experiences working with multiple GCs and her drive to learn and serve made her a natural choice to expand the CIC team. Denys came to Nashville as a talented vocal artist; she now spends her time raising her two girls, reading, and playing with her dogs.

Greg Turner

Senior Superintendent


Greg has been doing construction in the Nashville area for over thirty years. Greg is the overall supervisor of CIC's field staff, coordinating superintendents and field helpers, ensuring all projects are adequately staffed, and serving as the first response to any issues that may arise in the field. His kind nature and desire to serve combined with his deep construction knowledge make him a favorite with the team and clients alike. He met Jon through their work at another Nashville general contractor and, without knowing what was already in the works, suggested that Jon go into business for himself: "he was getting about eighty percent of the work over there." Greg joined the new company as soon as he could, and his middle son Clay joined CIC, as well, first during summers in high school and then permanently after testing out working with a competitor. If Greg wasn't working here, he says, he'd be mowing lawns. He lets go of the day by nurturing lifelong friendships and fishing on the lake.


Christine Rachelle

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)


Christine joined CIC at the beginning of 2014 with a decade of prior experience in the commercial real estate sector. From market research and marketing to brokerage assistant to assistant property manager (where she was a client of CIC), she acquired extensive knowledge about the processes involved in leasing and maintaining commercial properties. She helms CIC's branding, marketing, and development strategy, and most importantly, she develops and nurtures client relationships. She believes there should be a national property manager appreciation day and gives extra special attention to those clients who toil 24/7 caring for properties and their tenants. When she's not working, she spends time with friends, reads, sews, learns about gardening, photographs nature and architecture, and works on projects around the house.



We select our team members as part of a thoughtfully crafted slow-growth strategy designed to embrace and cultivate employee potential, aptitude, and positivity. This strategy allows us to maintain consistency in quality and service, meeting the growing needs of the market while never compromising on the client experience.

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