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Conference Room with Faux Brick Accent Wall

Our People

Consistent results from a consistent team

The CIC Story

Commercial Industrial Construction, Inc. was founded in 2003 by Jon English and Tony Williams in Nashville, Tennessee, with a vision to build a construction company based on service, quality, and a team approach. We are a family that works together and stands behind one another, united by a common purpose to care for our clients and for each other.


Our senior superintendents, each with 20-30+ years' experience building in Middle Tennessee, joined CIC because our leaders emphasize every employee's contribution. These top craftsmen now teach our younger recruits, some second-generation CIC employees, a better way to do construction. We have low turnover as a result of taking care of our employees, creating consistent results from a consistent team.

We choose to stay small to ensure quality hiring and training, and to ensure we can provide consistent work for our team members.


Since 2003

Jon English

CEO | Co-Founder

Since 2003

Greg Turner

Senior Superintendent

Since 2003

Tony Williams


Since 2014

Christine Rachelle

CSO (Chief Strategy Officer)

Since 2012

Kenny Bundy

Senior Project Manager

Since 2018

Wenn Turner

Project Manager

Since 2016

Denys Carroll

Project Manager

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